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  o  These Steps 1.  My Computer
  • Dell Canada - new computers when ordered Preconfigured with Microsoft Office XP Small Business Edition can save you money on software (Outlook Email, Word, Excel, Publisher)
  • Windows Help and How-to

2.  My Internet Connection

3.  My Internet Software

Web Browser

Email Reader
My Security

1.  Firewalls

2.  Virus Checkers

3.  Microsoft Critical Software Updates

My Email Email - The Life's Breath of the Internet

Microsoft Outlook for PC/Windows Advantages

Microsoft Outlook or Entourage X for Mac Advantages

My Research Where to Look: Generalized Search Engines & Directories

Where to Look: Specialized Search Engines & Directories

How to Use: 4 Tips to make you an Instant Search Pro

  Googling - Advanced Search

Research Tools & Techniques

   Research Tools   

  Web Browsers

  Email Readers

  Research Software

Copernic Agent


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