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  Email - The Life's Breath of the Internet! 

Two-way communication of Messages
Transferring files as attachments for Collaboration
Mailing lists for email broadcasts to keep List Members informed
News / Discussion Groups for keeping Special Interest Groups informed around the clock concerning the Subjects being discussed via email or Web browser interface.

A number of email based functions can now be done via a Web browser interface, such as News / Discussion Groups - via Google Groups LINKOGRAPHY

Email Readers such as Eudora, Netscape Messenger, Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook all have their strong and weak points.  But when it comes to everyday Email and the associated daily activities of Business and Personal life, Outlook is the clear winner.

Microsoft Outlook for PC/Windows Advantages

Email - easy creation of Folders for organizing email messages, easy management of email addresses, powerful sorting and search tools, and overall ease of use.
Contacts - Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses
Contact Activity - review all activity with a Contact / Client - email, upcoming appointments, etc., using the Activities tab under Contact Information
Calendar - one-time or recurring appointments with Reminders
Tasks - with Priority Setting and Reminders
As well as Notes and a Journal
Compatibility with other Microsoft Products - Word, PowerPoint, FrontPage Web site creation, etc.
Palm Pilot integration for synchronizing Appointments, Contacts etc.
Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 - Assistance LINKOGRAPHY
Previous Versions resources LINKOGRAPHY

Unfortunately Outlook is only sold as part of one of  the Microsoft Office Editions - What's in the Office 2003 Editions LINKOGRAPHY.  Microsoft Office Small Business Edition is the most economical Edition but it can only be purchased Preconfigured on a new computer - example from Dell Canada LINKOGRAPHY.

Microsoft Outlook or Entourage for Mac Advantages

The advantages are similar to the PC/Windows example above.  Unfortunately the Mac version of Outlook is designed for larger businesses that must have access to a Microsoft Exchange Email Server.

Entourage for the Mac is similar to Outlook for PC/Windows and it runs on Mac OS 8.1 and later operating systems.  It has most of the features of Outlook mentioned above including Email, Calendar, Address Book and Tasks.  Entourage is available as part of an Office Edition.  Entourage X is available as a standalone product in the USA only.

"Which e-mail program is right for you?" LINKOGRAPHY can be found at Microsoft's Mactopia Web site.



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