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  Security Concerns on the Internet - Caution is Wisdom! 

The main concerns on the Internet mimic the real world in most cases.  For example, people are committing fraud and vandalism on and off of the Internet and so the same precautions apply to on-line and off-line activities. 

But there are 3 Internet related activities that should be controlled and the solutions are effective and relatively inexpensive.

1.  Firewalls

Whether you are connected on a High Speed connection (Satellite, Cable TV or Wireless) or on a slow speed Dialup connection (28K/56K Modem on Telephone Line) there is a need to protect yourself from Network Intruders who may try to gain control of your computer for example.
ZoneAlarm is Free from ZoneLabs LINKOGRAPHY and it has passed the ICSA Labs - PC Firewall Certification for providing powerful protection on Dial-up and High Speed connections.

2.  Virus Checkers

AntiVirus software is extremely effective at protecting your computer from infiltration by Viruses.  Viruses can range from being a nuisance to being downright destructive.
Free Trials of AntiVirus software are available at Symantec LINKOGRAPHY and it is recommended that you purchase the software at the end of the trial.  This will include a year's subscription to updates that will protect you from new Viruses.

3.  Microsoft Critical Software Updates

Microsoft Operating Systems Software such as Windows XP (and older unsupported systems such as NT, Windows 95 and Windows 98) have security holes that can allow Internet Hackers as well as Software Vandals to cause damage to exposed computer systems.
Microsoft Application Software such as Internet Explorer and some Microsoft Office applications also have security holes.
The good news is that Microsoft reacts to these problems very quickly once they are discovered. 
As a Microsoft User you can go to a the following Microsoft web site to Protect Your PC LINKOGRAPHY .
Microsoft Users can also sign up for Email notification of Microsoft Security Updates LINKOGRAPHY



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