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  Evolution - Continuous Improvement Will Ensure Success 

The key is to continually improve your Internet skills and knowledge and your Web site.  If you keep your Customers or Clients in mind, Success will take care of itself.

Web Site Promotion.  Traditional advertising and promotion is as important as on-line advertising and promotion.
Start small and justify the growth based upon real business activity and Web site Feedback.  Create a pilot project to justify full eCommerce capability.
Give Web site users more than they would ever expect, to keep them coming back.  Internet Only Specials that are really special, and Email Updates at their request, are examples.
The Internet is never closed.  Find a way to provide services that will reduce your costs and make you more efficient for when your establishment is open.
Keep your Web site current and find a way to demonstrate that it is up to date.  If needed find a way to create an effective What's New page.
Ensure that your Web site makes it easy for you to be contacted.  Then make sure you reply promptly.
Be Prepared to Change - if some aspect of the Web site is not working, as supported by Feedback, lack of Feedback, poor Visitor Statistics, poor Sales etc., then try something different.



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