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  Its Your Web site - Your New Business Operation 

You should Design your Web site with someone who knows what will work and what will not work well on the Web; to please your Intended Audience and in turn you.

You can Build it yourself, but I recommend having someone else build it with a view in mind of having you Maintain it; at least you should have the Option.

I can train you to Maintain your Web site, or you can hire someone like me to be responsible for Maintaining Your New Business Operation.  Timely Changes will be needed, to meet changing Business Conditions, or based on Web site Feedback; if you want to keep Customers and Clients coming back.

 Web Site Restoration, Maintenance, or Deletion (heaven forbid!)

If your web site is out of date and you can not find someone who cares enough to keep it updated, maintained or re-designed in a timely fashion then give me a call.

On the off-chance that you do not want to keep your web site but you do not know how to go about deleting it I can help you with this as well.  If the current state of the web site is not satisfactory to you, then it is possibly a bad reflection on you and your business.  But I can also give you a quick redesign or restoration proposal to turn your web site into a valuable business asset.

Types of Web sites - a Progression

Information or Brochure-ware Web site:
Use existing marketing information to create your on-line presence.
Satisfy your on-line Clients or Customers with 24 hour a day access to basic information about your business. 
You can show examples of your skills and provide contact information including an Email address.
You will learn from this experience about when and if it is time to expand your on-line presence.
Support Web site
Create a Self-Help capability which operates around the clock.  Frequently Asked Questions or if required a Searchable Knowledge Base.
Establish a Forum for on-line Discussion about your industry or specialty, your products and your services.  You will all learn from each other and all will benefit.
You will create a more informed Customer or Client while reducing the amount of day to day support needed before a buying decision can be made.
Sales & Support Web site
Use a Pilot Project to get started.  Select a sub-set of products or services that are best suited for on-line sales. 
Ecommerce with on-line payment is possible at the outset but not necessary to generate on-line sales.
Integrate the Support information into the Sales process to maximize convenience for the Customer or Client.
Justify expansion and the step into full Ecommerce based upon the experience from the Pilot Project.

Design Keys - it has to be an Enjoyable Experience

Ease of Navigation - and depending on the size of the Web site - add a Table of Contents / Site Map or Search This Site feature.
Brevity Clarity and Speed of Information Delivery.  That is, use point form, use clear character styles in bold format, avoid multi-syllable words, avoid unnecessary graphic images or optimize their use, as examples.
Fast effective access to Contact Us - when the Client or Customer wants to buy the product, ask a question or make a comment, the ability to do so must always be close at hand.



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