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1.  My Computer

PC or Mac PC is more cost effective plus more software available, but ease of use leans towards the Mac.
Laptop or Desktop Desktops are still more cost effective.  Laptops will let you stay connected when you are away from the Office.
Size of Computer Get the best configuration you can afford since you will not likely upgrade in the near future and new applications will soon take up any extra capacity you may have when you start.  Memory capacity and Hard Disk capacity are more important than the fastest Processor speed. 
Display Monitor The larger the better - to see with.  LCD monitors like on the Laptop are now available for Desktops - they are much easier on the eyes.
Printer Colored ink jet printers are inexpensive.  If photos are of interest get a Photo Quality ink jet printer - it will print more slowly but you will have the option to print your photos.
New Computer Software Try to find a new computer that comes with most of the software you will need.  For Example Internet Explorer (free), Outlook (Email), and Word for document creation.  Microsoft Office Small Business Edition (Word, Excel, Outlook and Publisher) is very cost effective but it only comes as a Preconfigured Edition on new computers.  Dell Canada LINKOGRAPHY offers this option - and this option will save you good money towards the new computer.

2.  My Internet Connection

Speed High Speed, with a dedicated connection so that you are on all the time is ideal.  But you can also use a slow dialup connection for almost any task you want to do on the Internet.
Internet Service Provider (ISP) Bigger is not always better and sometimes smaller does not work out either.  The good news is that it is usually easy and inexpensive with pro rata refunds, to switch if you are not happy with your current service provider.

3.  My Internet Software

Web Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer is the new standard.  It is free so you should try to be on the latest version possible, for productivity and security features.

The later the version the more reliable the browser plus the latest features and security are more readily included.

  •  For PC - Microsoft Internet Explorer
    • Version 6 SP1 - PC System Requirements LINKOGRAPHY and Download LINKOGRAPHY and How to Use LINKOGRAPHY
    • Version 5.5 is now in Extended Support LINKOGRAPHY
    • Version 5.01 is now in Extended Support LINKOGRAPHY
  • For Mac - Internet Explorer
    • Version 5 features and download link LINKOGRAPHY
    • Using Internet Explorer for Mac LINKOGRAPHY
Email Reader Microsoft Outlook - besides handling your email easily it provides many other effective business tools such as Calendar, Task Management and Notes.

NOTE:  (PC/Windows) The most cost effective way to get Outlook is to buy the Microsoft Office Small Business Edition which includes Word, Outlook and Publisher.

  • For PC/Windows - Outlook Version 2002
    • Outlook Home page with links to previous versions, tips and tricks LINKOGRAPHY
  • For Mac - Outlook or Entourage
    • Outlook is for larger businesses with Microsoft Exchange Email Servers
    • Entourage X - like Outlook for Mac OS X operating system
    • Entourage 2001 - for Mac OS 8.6 and later
    • See Microsoft's Mactopia resource - "Which e-mail program is right for you?" LINKOGRAPHY
Other Internet Software Specialized software packages for more effective reading and participation in News / Discussion Groups, and for FTP-File Transfer Protocol, are not usually needed since this functionality can be provided via a Web Browser.

Research software such as Copernic Agent are very useful for larger Internet-based research projects.  EndNote is also very powerful for formal Academic or Scientific research project.
will cover these in more detail.

Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver, and Adobe GoLive are some of the Web site development software packages to be considered if you are going to create and or maintain your own Web site.



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